The Juice Factor: Part Two, or How I Killed The Ninja

Recall from my last post that my inspiration for juicing – besides Joe Cross being really likable and convincing – is more motivation and energy, less fatigue, juicing may reduce inflammation, more fruits and veggies leads to better overall nutrition, and of course portion control and weight loss.

Knowing that juicing can be expensive, and I considered this a potential deal breaker for me, so I wasn’t about to invest in a juicer until I was definitely going to go down this lifestyle path. I broke out our year-old Ninja blender and then made my list of ingredients to support a 5-day juice diet.


Our local grocery store doesn’t have the most diverse vegetable and fruit section. I had to substitute 3 vegetables for something similar.

To gather all items, it took one hour, which I considered a painful scavenger hunt. Real ginger or “tube o’fresh” ginger? Onions? Do I really want to drink onions?

Then I thought, where am I going to put all of this juice? Here’s the thing… I was prepping 5-days all at once. None of this “fresh juice every day thing.” I have 2 toddlers. Who has time for that?

My goal was to make 5 different juices. I had 4 pitchers. So I figured I would make 4 types of juice and then make 1 more when needed so I didn’t overflow the kitchen and freak out my husband.

I also purchased new juice containers to carry juice to and from work. I purchased a Rubbermaid variety that I was really happy with as they were dishwasher safe and held the required juice quantity.


Note to self: If you have neck and back issues, standing and chopping isn’t for you. To prep all juices, it took me 2.5 hours to clean and chop the majority of the fruits and vegetables. That didn’t include my breaks for sitting and stretching.

Get Over Greta: Blending

After about 30 minutes of blending, my Ninja started slowing down. In fact, it stopped blending completely. I know there is a difference between blending and juicing, but to save money, I first went with blending. With my Ninja at a halt, I knew I was in for trouble.

I rinsed everything out and took it apart. I had sheared the diving bolt. That comes from putting too many hard vegetables in the blender at once. I killed the Ninja.

So off to Kohl’s to bite the bullet. One hundred dollars later I bought a Bella Juicer. I went with the budget option compared to Jack LeLane’s “As Seen On TV” juicer, a NutriBullet, or a Cuisinart. At this point, I was in $300 dollars between fruit, vegetables, containers, and my beautiful new Bella.

Drew looked up drive bolt replacement parts for the Ninja. Guess what? Replacement parts don’t exist. Soon we’ll be purchasing another one of those. We’ll hold off on that until it’s needed and I come out of the mourning phase. I’ll get over it.


The Juice Factor: Part One

My Juicy Inspiration

Health and positivity. Always two of my top priorities in life. Due to chronic pain, fatigue, and chasing children, exercise always seems to take a backseat to that health “priority”. Then, I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Thank you, Joe Cross, for lighting a fire.  Continue reading “The Juice Factor: Part One”