Need to Get Over it?


What do you want to GET OVER? There may be something that irritates your very being, maybe something that is holding you back, aggravating the inner critic, or maybe you’re just annoyed that you can’t have it all. Leave a comment!

We want to hear your dreams and goals. We had dreams. We had goals. They may have changed a little. We’re still accepting that. The Get Over Greta girls are not professional therapists. We are working moms that know how to get it done. We are strong women here to support and encourage  other to press on, move forward, and grow as an individual.

Life may feel like an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course challenging the simplest task. We’re here to laugh with you, find the silver lining, and hopefully provide you with a smile and a kick in the butt.

Any claims or opinions are made purely based on personal experience in order to help others think differently. The views expressed on Get Over Greta are provided as insightful, sarcastic, humorous tidbits from everyday life. Views do not reflect the views of our family, friends, or full-time employers. Our goal is to reach out, connect, share, and hear back from those who want to empower with positivity. Send us your inspiration!


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