Mountains of Inspiration, Cluttered Piles of Molehills

I’m always frustrated with myself at the amount of clutter in our house: on the floor, in a chair, on the kitchen table, covering the hutch, sitting on the high chair tray. Picking up toys, clothes, cups, or bags is just a part of mommyhood. But it’s not just the clutter that I find irritating. It’s the sheer fact that Drew can also be in the same room and the same clutter that I see doesn’t bother him at all. In fact, he doesn’t even see clutter.


Today, I read this article on about “The Link Between Clutter and Depression“. I immediately wanted to take Xanax and verify my Cymbalta prescription is good for the rest of the year. Her list of ways to de-clutter is one I am very familiar with, so I appreciated how Lisa Kaplan Gordon summed up so simply how such basic methods of organizing can make you less stressed. If only I could get my other half on board.

When we were kids, clutter wasn’t tolerated… Ever. If a toy was on the floor and we weren’t playing with it, we were only asked one time to put it away. If we didn’t oblige, it was gone. We learned quickly. I have yet to train our kiddos on this trick.

GET OVER IT: My Biggest Clutter Areas…

It’s like a toy factory vomited rainbows, balls, butterflies, and fire trucks all over the house. Excess is everywhere. Starting this year, if the kids don’t play with a toy for over a month, I’ve started taking those individual toys and hiding them in the basement. If the oldest one doesn’t ask for another month, then I will donate it to a charity.

Drew has this family joke that when they were little kids, they found old Playboy magazines in the basement. He has since stashed a hefty supply of surprises – 7 years worth, minimum – of Playboy magazines in the basement.

Why do we need 7 years of Playboy magazines in the basement!?!

Drew is also extremely attached to a MAC screen from the 90s(?) that “guards” the furnace room like a moss-covered gargoyle. He won’t let go of his massive stereo, because we listen to that all the time – no, wait, we don’t. In fact, we haven’t since 2003. We have 4 full shelves of VHSs, CDs, Playstation games, Guitar Hero equipment, all growing dust balls. Anyone want the entire collection of Monty Python’s Flying Circus on VHS? We have it.

And the baseball cards and PEZ dispensers from yesteryear! He won’t even look to see if they’re worth anything. They’re more valuable here collecting dust than in someone else’s treasure chest.

I am no saint, nor have I ever claimed to be one. My share of clutter is collected in piles of unfinished projects and half-started dreams. Once mountains of inspiration and drive, I find that many of my home projects die a slow, disastrous death as a dirty molehill.

Photos, filing, baby books, knitting, gardening, guitar prospects, books. One ADHD pile to the next, my creativity explodes onto shelves in a whirlwind of excitement only to lack time and sleep. I forget about it and move on. If Drew ever looked at my Pinterest boards, I bet he’d be very happy that my interests stay there instead of cluttering our house even more!


What’s even more frustrating is that I love organizing and cleaning. Yes, yes, I am that girl! But without more energy and a partner pushing me along, this girl isn’t getting it done at home lately. We are stuck living with sentimental pasts and our super awesome future while we help create our kiddo’s memories.

It must be time to prioritize and minimize.

How do you get it done and not lose your mind? Will the clutter really drive me crazy? Sometimes I think so.


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